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Fendt Rollector – Perfect forage, well packaged

The Fendt Rollector round balers are equipped with different systems for picking up and delivering bales, but have one thing in common: They place the bales smoothly onto the wrapping table, without affecting their shape. Delivery onto the ground is also extremely gentle, and therefore prevents damage to the plastic. The Fendt Rollector can be […]

Always in top form. The Fendt round balers

When it comes to the harvesting of high-quality forage, you need machines that you can depend on. Fendt round balers give you everything that you need: Optimal and gentle handing of the crop and the uncompromising level of reliability result in perfect bales. Evident in each bale: Experience, innovation and reliability. Each operation brings a […]

The Fendt 313 Vario wins “Tractor of the Year 2019” in the “Best Utility” category at EIMA

The winners of “Tractor of the Year 2019” were announced on the first day of “EIMA International” in Bologna. The Fendt 313 Vario won the “Best Utility” category as the most versatile tractor offering best value to farmers. The verdict of the international jury, comprising specialist journalists from 26 countries, reads: “The Fendt 313 Vario […]

NEW! Triomatic feeding robot on battery

No need for a rail! Trioliet presents its new feeding robot – the Triomatic WB 2 250 with battery drive. The Triomatic WB 2 250 travels along the feed fence and across the yard without rails, it follows an induction loop or transponders in the ground. The new robot will be added to the existing […]

3 Days Workshop Training for Fend Tractors

A 3 Days Workshop Training for Fend Tractors took place between 3 – 5 October 2018 at our premises. We would like to express our thanks to our instructor Mr Johann Frank (Fendt After Sales Services) for outstanding training he provided. Special thanks to all participant below for attending to the training Philippos Kakkis Marios […]

Remanufactured Parts for your Fendt

Remanufactured Parts for your Fendt AGCO Reman is the name for our range of remanufactured products. This is a systematic process where previously used parts are recovered and sent to a remanufacturing centre of excellence and brought back to as new condition. AGCO has been remanufacturing parts for Fendt machines for over 25 years and […]

Agri Technica – 2017

Agritechnica is a leading agricultural exhibition which is every 2 years in Hannover Germany, this time took place from 11-18.11.2017. Kakkis Agrifuture Products is attending to this exhibition from 2005

Fendt Factory

In October 2017 Managing Director Kakkis and 5 farmers have visited Fendt factory in Marktoberdorf and they had a factory tour and presentation of Fendt new products, one of the visitors ordered tractor from the 700 series.

Fendt Agritechnica 2017

Kakkis Agrifuture Products has participated to Fendt Dealer Technica 2017 which is central event which took place in Marktoberdorf from 11.09-21.09.2017 with approximately 2000 sales men in order to promote all products from Fendt as a full liner I was there with my son.