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Harvesting Technology – Windrower | WH 200

2-row mounted, from 68 HP on

Potatoes and other root crops are harvested worldwide using various methods and degrees of mechanisation. With its WH 200, GRIMME offers a mounted windrower, which was designed for various applications. Thanks to its easy handling and the minimum required tractor power of 68 hp, the WH 200 is the perfect machine to start mechanised harvest of potatoes and other root crops. Depending on the machine-model, the crop is deposited centrally or laterally behind the machine. The centered placement is common when the potatoes are collected by hand. Equipped with a crop cross conveyor the harvester WH 200 can be used in enhanced harvesting processes. In this case, the crop from two rows is deposited laterally between the next two neighbouring rows and then harvested together. In addition to protecting the crop and improving sieving performance, the “enhanced harvesting process” significantly increases the output of the following potato harvester.

Compact and robust machine
The WH 200 is designed in a robust way, it provides a gentle separation and a wide tuber placement on the ground. The mounted machine improves handling and manoeuvrability on the headland.

Superficial disposal of the harvested potatoes on the ground for further drying.

2+2=4 rows
The so-called fortified harvest process can significantly increase the output of the potato harvester.

Well proven digging units
The drive and digging units are taken from proven 2-row harvester technology

For heavy digging conditions
A mechanically adjustable rotary agitator ensures additional gentle sieving on the second main web. Thus, the sieving performance is increased, especially under heavy digging conditions.

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