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Joskin Bourges

Joskin Bourges

The French site is an important link in the production line of the monocoque tipping trailers. Since 2002, JOSKIN Bourges has specialised in the manufacture of the construction and agricultural tipping trailers for the Group.

The parts are cut and bent in Belgium and then transported to Bourges, where a team carries out the welding, painting and assembly stages. The finished machines are then delivered to France and exported to 60 other countries.

At JOSKIN Bourges:

• 45 people daily working at the assembly of the JOSKIN monocoque tipping trailers,

• A 18,000 m² factory,

• A production of approx. 450 machines a year,

• An automatic shot-blasting machine (16 turbines),

• A painting line (2 cabins) with automatic conveyor,

• An automatic drying oven,



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