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German dealers vote Fendt into first place

Once a year, the Bundesverband LandBauTechnik e.V. (German Association of Agricultural Machinery) compiles the survey results of the dealer satisfaction barometer. In 2021, Fendt was again given an excellent rating by German Fendt dealers.

According to a publication in the industry magazine Eilbote, Fendt came first with a score of 15.4 points. According to these calculations, “Fendt thus leads the field in the overall German ranking”. This means that the Fendt dealers rated Fendt 0.4 points better than the previous year. Besides Fendt, only three other competitors were able to improve their rating. Overall, the satisfaction of the dealers has dropped to an average value of 13 points compared to the previous year.

“We take this evaluation by our dealers very seriously. The annual evaluation shows in which areas we are already good. But it also shows us where we can still improve”, says Andreas Loewel, Director Fendt Sales Germany. “The dealers rated us significantly better in the categories tractor sales, spare parts and dealer/manufacturer relationship compared to 2020. Overall satisfaction with Fendt has also increased compared to the previous year. I am particularly pleased with this positive development.”

About the survey

For 15 years now, German dealers have been evaluating the relationship between dealers and manufacturers. For this purpose, an assessment between 0 and 20 points is made in 14 different categories. These include “image and public image”, “spare parts management”, “aftersales & warranty”, “training” and “willingness to improve”. The results of the survey are usually presented at the annual Landtechnische Unternehmertage conference in W├╝rzburg, Germany. For the second time in a row, the event was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.

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