Over 30 years of Fliegl Agrartechnik and Vehicle Manufacture represent more than 30 years of operational growth and high commitment of the Fliegl family.

Fliegl - Innovative, top-quality products

Just because an idea is new doesn’t necessarily make it a good one. At Fliegl, we rigorously check every single product. We know the demands of the market and we are in constant contact with practitioners. Our engineers and designers then use the very latest CAD systems to develop products that are consistent down to the finest detail and provide practical benefits. Innovations from Fliegl Agrartechnik are always tangible solutions for specific tasks.

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Fliegl - German quality used worldwide

Despite globalisation, Fliegl has consistently carried out its development and production in Germany. One reason for this is the specially qualified personnel. From engineers to apprentices, we look for skills that we can develop through special further education and training. Another factor is the high technical standard existing in Germany, These are the ideal conditions for transforming our ideas into the high-quality products that people expect from the Fliegl brand.