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  • Fendt

    Fendt is not just a name, Fendt is a conviction. With Fendt tractors and harvesting machines, farmers and contractors can reach their goals faster and with a higher yield.

  • Grimme

    With over 150 machine types, Grimme offers the most comprehensive and widest product range in the potato, beet and vegetable sectors.

  • Lemken

    Lemken is not only instantly recognisable by its blue colour, but primarily by the way it works on the field. Soil cultivation implements for optimal preparation for sowing.

  • Fliegl

    Over 30 years of Fliegl Agrartechnik and Vehicle Manufacture represent more than 30 years of operational growth and high commitment of the Fliegl family.

  • Trioliet

    Trioliet is unique as a complete provider of premium feeding technology for dairy farms and offers a highly comprehensive and specialist range of livestock feeding machines.

  • Joskin

    JOSKIN is building the world’s largest programme of trailers for transport and spreading of agricultural products and distributed all over Europe and in many regions of the world.

  • Scharmuller

    Scharmüller K80® system certified to ISO 24347! Scharmüller has the world’s larges towing eye program and the technical advantage of beeing the inventor of K80® ball coupling.

  • Trioplast

    Trioplast develops, produces and distributes film and packaging material for use in a variety of industries and businesses such as Agriculture, farming, hygiene and medical, construction, energy and waste handling.

  • Tama

    For more than 90 years, members of the Kibbutz have been rising at the crack of dawn to farm the land. This background is what enables Tama to understand and share the farming way of life.

  • Stet

    Stet Holland, founded in 1973, is a leading international trading company in seed potatoes. Stet has the knowledge and experience to breed new successful potato varieties, introduce, grow and market them.

  • AgroPlant

    Agroplant offers a very wide range of varieties. With the highest-quality seed potatoes from a select group of growers,  the customers are assured seed potatoes that will best meet their requirements.