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LEMKEN’s solid track record

LEMKEN’s solid track record

The specialist agricultural technology manufacturer has made the best use of 2020

LEMKEN, the specialist for professional crop production, ended the past financial year with sales at an almost unchanged high level of EUR365 million. Demand was particularly high for seed drills and hoeing technology. The new year has also started well with very good levels of incoming orders.

Antony van der Ley summarised the past year by saying, “We are happy and grateful that we were able to maintain our production throughout the past year without placing the health of our 1,631 employees worldwide at risk. We have achieved our ambitious goals for both sales and results and are very satisfied, even though we exited the field sprayer sector. We have also been able to bolster our service for specialist dealers, farmers and contractors at the highest level. We managed the challenges of COVID well by providing many smaller-scale demonstrations and digital offerings. However, we would certainly be delighted if we were able to have face-to-face contacts and events again soon so that we can demonstrate the benefits of our methods on the fields for everybody to see.”

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