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Perfect Seed Placement with a New Design

Perfect Seed Placement with a New Design
Updates to the Saphir and Solitair seed drills

The Saphir mechanical seed drill and the Solitair 9 pneumatic seed drill present themselves in a new look. Gleichzeitig wurden das Handling und der Bedienkomfort verbessert. Both handling and operating comfort have been improved, while the seed metering and placement system with the proven parallel double disc coulters and depth control wheels remain unchanged.

The new Saphir 9 features the electronic EcoDrill control, which is operated via the LET-40 terminal with touch display. The hopper has been redesigned and now seals better with a plastic lid. Also, the new hopper lid opens particularly wide to facilitate filling from big bags. The design of the access grille, loading bridge and handrail has been improved, and the controls on the side of the implement, such as the lever for the bottom flap, are now protected by cover panels.

The redesigned Solitair 8+ and 9+ also feature an updated hopper design and lid. The new blower fan, which has been fitted to the Solitair 25, is not only extra silent, but also consumes impressively little oil. A new calibration sensor on the drill saves farmers having to move between the implement and tractor when calibrating. The access step has also been improved, and the access grille can now be folded up to make the metering unit and calibration tray more easily accessible.

The pre-emergence markers and harrows of the Solitair 25 can also be fitted to the Saphir 9 and Solitair 8+ and 9+. The single harrows are mounted to the rear seeding coulters to reliably cover two seed rows and the optional compact harrow is easy to lift and can adjust to a wide range of different conditions.

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