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NEW! Triomatic feeding robot on battery

No need for a rail!

Trioliet presents its new feeding robot – the Triomatic WB 2 250 with battery drive. The Triomatic WB 2 250 travels along the feed fence and across the yard without rails, it follows an induction loop or transponders in the ground.

The new robot will be added to the existing Triomatic model range. The current models are the Triomatic HP (Hanging Power Rail) and the Triomatic WP (Wheeled Power Rail). The Triomatic WB (Wheeled Battery) does not need a power rail, neither in the stable, nor outside. The robot works with a 600 volt Nickel battery. Nickel batteries have a lot of capacity, a long service life and do not require a long charging cycle. In addition, there is no fire hazard as with lithium ion batteries.

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