Silage stretch film - Bale Wrap

The silage stretch film is used to preserve and store the forage in a way that maintains the high nutritional value. Through silage in bales, the animals can be fed with high quality feed all year around. Trioplast offers premium films with 1500-2600 m per reel, both with and without packaging. With more meters per reel, the efficiency increases during wrapping, resulting in improved profitability and time savings for entrepreneurs and farmers. With less transport and better material utilization, we can also reduce the environmental impact.

Silage Sheet - Wide Sheet

Silage sheets are used to conserve and store fodder in a way that preserves the high nutrition value of the crop. By ensiling crop in a bunker silo the animals can be fed with high quality fodder all year around.

A bunker silo can be dimensioned as required and primarily has advantages in the case of very large herds. A bunker silo requires a major investment and the right insertion capacity for the herd size. Good distribution and packing of the plant material as well as careful coverage are mandatory to achieve a good profitability. The functionality of the silage sheet is to achieve an anaerobic environment to secure a high qualitative ensiling process.

Bale Ensiling

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Bunker / Clamp Ensiling

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